The only way to succeed is to win the trust of your customers.
Real business partnerships do not simply develop from many years of working together. They come about from the certainty that the ideas of the future will become a reality too, that new problems can be resolved, and the latest developments can be put to use. Hartung can provide you with all these possibilities and opportunities, as only a media service provider with a true commitment to the future can do.

A decisive factor in achieving the best possible print results is the production process taken as a whole. This is why we have developed our core business of sheet-fed offset printing by way of the digital preliminary stage and print finishing, to achieve a fully-integrated production operation. The ability to then combine these services with innovative approaches to logistics and media/data management is the key element which today sets a modern printing house apart from the rest, and guarantees a great advantage in terms of competitiveness an advantage from which our customers benefit as well.

Fully-integrated production in three-shift operation and optimised harmonisation in the production sectors are supplemented by our principles of putting the customer first and meeting the challenges we set ourselves in terms of quality, flexibility, efficiency, meeting deadlines, and individual advice and consultation a philosophy for maximum client satisfaction.

At Hartung, another part of the corporate philosophy is to take responsibility for those starting out in the professional world. This is why Hartung provides training and offers young people professional prospects in a successful company.